Steve Jobs at the American Academy of Achievement (1982)

Stumbled on this just yesterday, so had to word-press it, naturally. Steve Jobs talks to a group of students in New Orleans. Its a short clip (~8 min), but probably one of the best ones I have came across. He must have been ~26 old at the time and I suspect most of the things he says in this clip were drawn from his various early experiences (traveling to the himalayas, dropping out of Reed, starting Apple of coursebuddhism, etc).

Some of his ideas are decidedly influenced by the 70s-80s (uhh LSD?, no thanks!). However, if he were to speak today, would he – always a student of art- rather say “think about going to Paris and learn (French) House music” instead of “think about going to Paris and being a poet for a few years” ….or uhh would he use his godly power and disable every single Apple products I own for even suggesting it? in which case, ça ne fait rien..