a not-so-obligatory new years bit to start 2019…with quotes, of course.

I have a simple philosophy: Fill what’s empty. Empty what’s full. Scratch where it itches. — Alice R. Longworth

I find this quote so endearing that I may have to keep coming back to it every year, just as a reminder :). In a way, its a reminder to (re) discover the bent of our creative minds. And perhaps a reminder to regain what we lost as a child, or as an adult for that matter….

and just to make it interesting, another equally powerful one:

Any year that passes in which you don’t destroy one of your best loved ideas is a wasted year.  — Charlie Munger

I think Charlie Munger was talking about it in the context of making an investment decision, nonetheless, its an interesting thought experiment to measure the deltas in our views every year. The mental discipline needed to betray our self/destruct old self and stay true to ourselves is not an easy task. I guess that’s how we draw the meaning of unlearning and allow for emergent or adaptive viewpoints?

anywho..2019, be good to us and we will be good to you, deal?