Peter Thiel on ‘indefinite future’

Peter Thiel’s optimism about future is so damn refreshing (paraphrased):

People often say that you should live everyday as though its your last. Which (always) strikes me as very pessimistic view on life. You should actually live as though its going to go on forever (so everyday would be so awesome & great, that you’d be happy if it’d be like this indefinitely). Optimism should not be only limited to people in their 20’s, you should be able to learn and improve at any stage to make a meaningful impact and make future better.

I like that, a lot. It, of course, is not about indefinite lifespan (parce que, things that can’t go forever will eventually end), but its more about the idea that a longer time arc tends to change the way we see things. In that sense, I am all for lengthening time horizon.