An Investment Approach to Creativity

Interesting to read Robert J. Sternberg’s (Professor at Cornell) investment theory of creativity:

Creative people are like good investors: They buy low and sell high in the world of ideas. The creative person buys low by presenting a unique idea and attempts to convince other people of its value. After convincing others that the idea is worthy, which increases the perceived value of the investment, the creative person sells high by leaving the idea to others and moving to another idea.

In other words, they propose ideas that others initially reject (buy low). Then they metaphorically raise the value of their investment. When they finally have convinced others of the value of their ideas, they move on to their next, usually unpopular idea (sell high). Although people typically want others to love their ideas, immediate universal applause for an idea usually indicates that it is not particularly creative.

I have never seen anyone articulately combine “Investment” and “Creativity” concepts into one – until now. Its true, when two ideas from dissimilar domains collide, it gives birth to an even more beautiful concept. See full article here.